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The ultimate money saver: not getting divorced

I read articles all the time about funding your retirement first: 401k, Roth IRA, HSA or 529 plans, or a post-tax savings account. Hey, but you’re forgetting about the biggest retirement account ever for a family? Read carefully…   Are you ready? It’s…not getting divorced!   Now if you are in a miserable relationship that won’t work out, this article is not for you. I’m not saying that every marriage is meant to work out. Often times though, relationships turn sour because we are so focused on other issues - money, kids, or immediate family issues – and not on maintaining your partnership. Of all of the ways to cut costs, the one thing I will say is: don’t skimp on your marriage. Beyond being the biggest investment you’ll ever make, it is also the biggest financial investment you’ll make. And if it fails, your savings will go down the tubes. Divorce is messy and expensive: lawyers, splitting up accounts, selling a house, setting up two separate homes, alimony, child su

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